Ganh Dau Cape in Phu Quoc Island


Located in Phu Quoc island, Ganh Dau Cape is where you can see the border sea peach’s Vietnam and Cambodia. Moreover, you can also see the daily life of residents of the locality.


This is new territory explored and put into tourism. From Dong Duong town, bike back to the North Island. Just off the bustling town saw a little red dirt roads through peaceful villages, past the Phu Quoc National Park, the Northwest is to the fore Ganh Dau. In addition, visitors can also choose the western route, the Rach Tram up Ganh Dau by sea.

Compared to southern North Island is sparsely populated and much poorer. However, natural beauty, are not inferior, Ganh Dau is an example. Ganh can say that oil is a natural masterpiece to adorn the North Island to balance with the landscape in the south. Here, visitors will experience the same level of the sea different.

Ganh Dau Beach (via

There was fierce and loud, sometimes soft and soothing silence. Oil Ganh bow beaches stretching over 500 m, is shielded by two mountains. On the beach itself remains part of a storm the ship was No. 5 (2000) hit the drift here. Standing at sea Ganh Dau, you can see the mountains of Cambodia swine. Ganh Dau has many reefs, rock and other kinds of fish, especially red grouper.

What to do

By Ganh Dau, visitors travel along the beach to visit residents have put their homes, or visit the Temple of Nguyen Trung Truc High on the rapids, or bathing. Sea quiet area, boat down the crowded holiday, there are many kinds of seafood, but most still are shrimp. Tourists visit the restaurant located right on the beach to enjoy this specialty. Shrimp are processed into many dishes at the request of customers. Trying to eat while watching the sun the sea border.

Ganh Dau Cape (via

If interested in exploring, you can also rent boats off the island as a fortune teller than you and Hon. From this view, visitors will see the flag ship of Vietnam and Cambodia flag looming on the beach, visit the seafood to sell a raft together. Walk down a few hundred meters to a friend. He invited the applicant, any last questions, what types of seafood available in farming friends. Customers also an embarrassing choice, he quotes a few sentences of the Vietnamese boat people in Cambodia and the spoiled for choice, all kinds of fresh … The friends took the service and sale of beverages, from beer to Saigon spirits, wine sim (like wine, soaked from the local forest sim), or alcohol crows mine (a wine unique Phu Quoc).

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