Grilled abalone – A special dish in Phu Quoc


Seafood is one of the main reasons for tourists when choose Phu Quoc as their destination. Among of many dishes in Phu Quoc, grilled abalone is considered as the most can-not-miss food not only because of its taste but also its high nutrition.

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Phu Quoc island is renowned for its fresh seafood and it is almost rite for visitor to taste seafood during their stay in this beautiful island. Seafood can be found at anywhere in Phu Quoc, from casual eateries, to high-end restaurant and upscale resort. People can be free to choose the way to enjoy seafood. BBQ on the beach while watching sunset or eating in restaurants to experience indigenous local lifestyle, those are all marvelous way. If you want to add some splendor to your meal with upscale seafood, try eating grilled abalone! Phu Quoc abalone is caught by adroit fishmen, ensuring high-quality and original taste.

Compared with other dishes, abalone has a slightly higher price but the dish is worth trying because there are few places with such fresh abalone on Phu Quoc Island. Moreover, even nutritious abalone, suitable for all travelers.

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Dishes made from abalone

Abalone makes enough dishes: soup abalone, abalone stew vegetables, cauliflower sautéed abalone … however, grilled abalone is still completely original dishes retain the most flavor.

Abalone after processing, sauce prepared from ginger, garlic, fish sauce, sugar, chili and pepper vapor permeability of about a few minutes to set up fever, red charcoal fire. Wait until the steam hypertrophy, mouth slightly boiling abalone is able to enjoy.

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Abalone meat tender, delicious, fresh and fragrant flavorful sweet sauce hard to resist, just eat one would want to eat two, then eat two children did not want to stop, easily makes people hurt when paying bills very worthy though “copper value for money “.

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Health benefits

Abalone contains a considerable amount of vitamin and minerals that is important for metabolism and well-being. Abalone contains lots of beneficial vitamins such as omega 3, Vitamin E, Vitamin B12, etc. According to health specialists, eating abalone help prevent risk of heart attack and arthritis. Abalone is also believed that improve healthy eyes and circulation.

How to make

Mix soy sauce, sake, oil, ginger, water chestnuts and coriander in a medium bowl. Place the abalone meat in the marinade; marinate for 10 minutes.

Return the marinated abalone into shells and place them on either a charcoal grill or a gas grill. Grill for 1 minute and then with tongs turn the abalone over in shell to grill the other side; another 30 seconds until meat is lightly browned. Heat the reserved marinade until boiling and use as a dipping sauce. Serve abalone immediately

Enjoy grilled abalone

In the evening in Phu Quoc, smell of grilled food spreads over all streets and market, welcoming passerby. Freshly grilled abalone offers are juicy and crumbly taste that no ones can deny. Grilled abalone is served with lemon and chilipepper salt. This is not light food and you will be pretty full at dinner so order accordingly.

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