Top 3 dishes in Phu Quoc


Recently, Phu Quoc Island has become the favorable destinations to tourists. They come here not only to admire the stunning beauty but also to enjoy amazing cuisine of this island. Here are some dishes that you shouldn’t miss when travelling there.

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Steamed mantis shrimp

ne specialty that tourist cannot miss is steamed mantis shrimp. The name in Vietnamese “Tom Tit” came from its appearance which is like a centipede. The mantis shrimp is a long-length shrimp and has a translucent body. Its abdomen and carapace are segmented and for Vietnamese, it looks like a centipede. Even it has a hard shell, the meat is intensely sweet and tender. You can also suck the great broth outa its head if you want. Mantis shrimp is used as an ingredient for many dishes because of its crunchy and chewy meat, sweet and intense flavor.

Steaming is the simple way to eat mantis shrimp, however, it gives the most delicious taste since the ocean scent of the mantis shrimp is remained as its origin. After rinsing and soaking in clean water, cutting both sides of each mantis shrimp. After that, marinating mantis shrimps with chopped mixture of flavors, including garlics, peeled gingers, lime leaves and lemongrass. Then, mantis shrimps are ready to be steamed. Steaming until they turn to nice red color and they can be served. Ripe mantis shrimps are sweet, chewy and soft, but not friable. They taste best when using with the mixture of salt, pepper and lemon.

Steamed mantis shrimp (via

Grilled “Còi biên mai”

A dish made from a kind of sea scallop (bien mai) that has a triangle-shaped shell, hides deeply under the ocean floor and is about an adult’s backhand. For tourists who love adventure, with one diving snorkel and a half mask for diving are enough to go down to the ocean floor and harvest scallops. “Coi bien mai” can be processed into different delicious, nutritious and tasting of ocean foods, such as frying with mushroom, using with hot-pot… However, tourist’s most favorite are fried “Coi bien mai” with salt and chili, grilled “Coi bien mai” with chili and citronella

Each crunchy and chewy muscle mixed with pungent taste of chili smell clean, sweet and like the ocean of Phu Quoc that would make tourists want more and more. To enjoy all the sweet and delicious taste of “bien mai”, tourists should use with fermented soya, basil, lettuce, salad, green banana, cucumber and pineapple.

Grilled “Coi Bien Mai”

Bitter bolete and seafood soup

Bitter boletes are wild mushrooms grown from Melaleuca leaves in Melaleuca forests. Bitter bolete appears like an umbrella. It has a tannish brown cap and stalk but white root and extremely bitter flavor. Bitter boletes only grow once annually, after the first rains and lastes about one month. Therefore, a tip for tourists who want to try this bitter bolete and seafood soup is traveling to Phu Quoc in May and July, when bitter boletes grow most.

Like the name, bitter bolete has a featured bitter taste, however, many eaters have been lured by that flavor. Bitter bolete is used to cook many dishes, but mostly for seafood soup. Seafood here could be grilled barracuda or giant sword minnow. Bitter boletes cooked with barracuda or giant sword minnow and added up an egg will give the dish a richer and deeper flavor. Tourists will experience many flavor in one dish, from bitterness to sweetness and finally fattiness.

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