All you need to know for your holiday in Phu Quoc


Considered as one of the most beautiful islands in Vietnam, Phu Quoc attracts thousands of tourists every year. There are a lot of stunning beaches and interesting activities await you in Phu Quoc Island.

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  • Rach Tram: it is at a high level, where river and sea meet, without shadow of tourists. When water level is shallow, wade out the sand dune in the midst of the beach to enjoy breathtaking views.
  • Nail Island: on the south of the island, very far, so when landing the island you will become its owner. See how to get to the island below.
  • Mot Island: there is no shadow of human; when the water level is shallow, you can wade out from shore to some rocks and dive to watch fish and crabs in the seabed. Lye on rock for sunbathing if you like.
  • Sao Beach: white sand, blue sea, sunshine. It is an ideal beach for tourists but crowded.
  • Ong Lang Beach: the most beautiful sunset in Phu Quoc, if you want something luxurious, you could visit Mango Bay Resort to sit at the wooden restaurant built on stones, drink wine while watching sunset.
  • Long Beach: Crystal clear water, empty, along with a stunning meadow.
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 Dining, Drinks & Entertainment

  • Mango Bay Resort, Ong Lang beach, the wooden restaurant built on stones. Sitting to watch sunset and waves lapping the shore is amazing. Pizza Regina , pizza, cakes and durian smoothie; the host is very cool. All revenues he gains are spent feeding two babies and helping the needy. Visit the restaurant to both have a good meal and do good things.
  • Quay Kien Xay Noodle: fresh seafood is mashed into rolls, sprinkled hot water to make sweet broth. Noodles are authentic. Although you have to wait long, serve yourself, it is truly worthy.
  • Sang Giau Restaurant (only restaurant at Dai beach): seafood is fresh, cheap; the owner is enthusiastic.
  • Soup Cake With Grilled Fish: the best food in Indochina. It is on the street of April 30: extremely cheap, you are full all day.
  • No Name Crab SoupNoodle: It is on Nguyen Du Street, under the bridge of Nguyen Trung Truc; shrimp sauce is extremely delicious.
  • Dinh Cau Pub (right in Dinh Cau): There are plenty of seafood with amazingly cheap price. Even you eat to your best, you are still surprised by the cheap price.
  • Sea Food Restaurant 343: missile –speed serving, seafood and foods are very delicious.
  • Thuy Duong Restaurant : family- cooked rice is as delicious as mother-cooked rice.
  • Trung Duong Marina Restaurant: the most delicious crab hot pot in Phu Quoc; herring salad is very fresh.
  • Bittersweet, the best cocktail in Phu Quoc, outstanding bartender.
  • Phu Quoc Island Life Hostel & Bar (Ong Lang Beach): Extremely cool room, spectacular bar.
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What to do

  • Hire a canoe to head out remote islands where there is no shadow of human, sea is very blue and pure, sand is very clean  and white, and sunshine is bright yellow.
  • Try to windsurf. There are a lot of funs; enjoy the feeling of being dragged out on the sea as you are plowing.
  • Dive to watch coral and fish: in addition to travelling to other remote islands to dive, you can take mask and snorkel to dive freely in places such as Hon Mot, Hon Doi Moi (North Island)
  • Go to the beach for night fires and waves lapping to the shore (Ong Lang beach)
  • Drive towards North Island through dirt roads admist Phu Quoc National Park
  • Enjoy sunset: Ong Lang Beach, Dai beach, Truong beach. Generally, all beaches in the west of the island are very cool.
  • Stay away from touristy beaches. Sunbathe in places without a shadow of tourist such as Rach Tram, Dai Beach (Ganh Dau), Vung Bau, Bai Thom, Hon Mot …
  • Cycle on coastal paths
  • Book one-way ticket to Phu Quoc because if you book two-way ticket, you will regret for leaving too soon.

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